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April 1, 2013

Free sample

Filed under: Blake's 7,Novels,Warship — Peter A @ 1:59 pm

WarshipHave you been tempted by my novelisation of Blake’s 7: Warship, but afraid to commit? Fear no more! You can obtain a free sample from Amazon in the UK and in the US. And also in Japan and Germany and France and Canada and Italy and Spain.

The free sample is sent automatically to your iPhone, PC, Mac or iPad device. And if you don’t have a free reading app, you can download one here.

So, go ahead and try the first two chapters (and part of the third) before you decide to buy. And then go and buy it here from Big Finish, because (a) they’ll get more money and be able to use it to make more great Blake’s 7 stuff and (b) it’s cheaper.

Sadly, neither the the e-book nor the free sample are available from Amazon China. But there is another extraordinary title that caught my attention.

It’s The Essential Writer’s Guide: Spotlight on Peter Anghelides, Including His Analysis of His Best Sellers Such as Kursaal, Frontier Worlds, and More [平装]. To be honest, I’d save your money on that one. Even if it’s only ¥190 I’m sure that’s twenty quid you could spend more wisely elsewhere. And 平装 means “paperback,” so it’s not even that much of a bargain in the first place.

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