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February 27, 2009

TwitterGroups FAIL

Filed under: twitter — Peter A @ 9:37 pm


Further down Twitter GroupI have discovered TwitterGroups, but am yet to be convinced that it’s any better to look at (say) the Technical Communications tweets there rather than at hashtags or at the Twitter site itself.

For one thing, you have to scroll down past the annoying Amazon advert. If you scroll down further, the tweets are clumsily crushed into another scrollbar window (which… er… doesn’t scroll). But then a little more usefully, you can see people who’ve chosen to be members. Finally, another Amazon advert.

And then if you want to post something to the group, it requires you to “login to Twitter, Google, Yahoo, AOL, AIM or some other network”. But when you click the login button, it offers Google, AIM, Yahoo, or OpenID. Not, you will notice, Twitter. Which seems particularly obtuse for something called TwitterGroups.

There may be some steps to get around this. But in a Twitter world, with a Twitter span of patience, which of their users is going to struggle with that? I want to just walk up and tweet.

Nice idea, lame design. In Twitter lingo: FAIL.

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