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February 22, 2009

iPhone app

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WordPress has an iPhone app, which seems straightforward enough. It would be nicer if it enabled photo posting, as Twitter apps like Tweetie do.

Or perhaps I should be looking for Tweetie et al. to enable blog posting, and to supersede this WordPress app?

Updated: so I have found the photo-posting. Still pondering how to handle the other stuff — allow/disallow comments, for example — without coming back and editing the post in a web browser. Too fiddly to do that in Safari on the iPhone itself (and defeats the point of the WordPress app). May repay further investigation.

I can’t see I’ll make extensive use of the iPhone for this kind of thing, any more than I can faff around with the outpost Galifrey Forum with it, until there’s an easier way of creating rich text for publication. Not all the bells’n’whistles, I suppose… maybe I mean richer text. (Guess where I typed this addendum to the blog post? Yes, through the conventional web interface.)

February 21, 2009

Start somewhere

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You have to start somewhere, I suppose. The journal of a thousand blogs begins with a single keystroke.

This first post is to test whether I can update this site simply and effectively. I’ll subsequently need to link to my home page, maybe. But which is better… WordPress or Blogger? Only one way to find out… fiiiigght!

  • Blogger: Most of my pals (for example Mr Grrr and Paul and Tara) use Blogger. Karel knows a great deal more than me about visual design and ease-of-use, and tells me that Blogger is pretty much walk-up-and-use. 
  • WordPress: Rich observed that WordPress has GPL open-source software for self-hosting and the free web-based service that I’m using here for creating a customised blog. He has further useful advice here. And Helena recommended WordPress, too. 

As it happens, I stumbled upon WordPress first and had a play around, and so here we are. In two months, I’ll no doubt regret this impulse buy choice, but that assumes I bother to keep this up-to-date, anyway. So far, I like the Visual editor. The Themes (design templates) are useful, though I’d like more with flexible widths. 

I spent more time working out a title for the blog than I did actually writing it. In the end, I chose something that was (a) related to writing and (b) already had a spiffy Theme I could get immediately from WordPress. It’s “Rubric” by Hadley Wickham, “a flexible and clean two-column theme with a pen on top”. The classic red biro, in fact, beloved of writers the world over. 

For reasons I’m sure you’ll spot immediately, I was working with the following kinds of alternatives as blog titles: 

  • The Pleasing Deer: Because I had a nice 2001 photo from Tupper Ansel Blake and United States Fish and Wildlife Service  But what does that mean?
  • The Renegade Lips: Seemed appropriate, as I am speeking my branes, but in the end I decided that I’m an unlikely revolutionary, so I kissed that goodbye. Along with anything containing “anger” or “rash”
  • Three Leaden Pigs: The dullest fairy tale you ever heard.
  • Speeding Leather: I am not a Hell’s Angel.
  • Helper Designate: I liked this because of my previous work as a technical author, but decided it was too specific.
  • Earthed Peelings: A blog about compostable waste.
  • Penis Glee Thread: Well, perhaps we’ll stop at this point.

See all the alternatives for yourself at the splendiferous Internet Anagram Server.

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