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April 1, 2013

Filling the gap

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Singing headache eyepatchI’m delighted to confirm that my audio Blake’s 7: Warship was so successful that Big Finish has invited me to write three new scripts. Like my original one, they will be full-cast audios starring the original characters, and fill in the secret history of the first half of the programme’s history. The series will be called: “Blake’s 7: Filling the Gap.”

  • “They must come to us.” But just how did the Decimas reach their final destination? Find out in The Web Planet, featuring Deep Roy as all the Decimas.
  • What was the aftermath of “Breakdown”? You’ll be amazed by the answer in No Limit, with Alistair Lock playing Gan.
  • And most excitingly of all, what happened that caused such a change in our favourite Space Commander? Discover the truth as Stephen Grief and Brian Croucher star in The Two Travises.

Furthermore, there is perceived to be another, significant gap in audio publishing – a gender gap. So, in the light of recent publicity about the disparity in girl writers, I have graciously convinced Big Finish to publish my scripts under the pseudonym “Stephanie Ledger.”

It’s the right thing to do, even if it’s a shame to lose my surname – because that would continue to suggest there are more foreigners writing for the company, in a publishing house hitherto best known for English surnames like Morris, Richards, Cole, Lyons, Briggs, Russell, Barnes, Morris, Wright, Robson, Briggs, and Morris.

Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time to demonstrate this new commitment to gender diversity. New adventures for our favourite characters. More work for me. And a wider range of women’s names on the merchandise that adorns the shelves of fandom.

The first audio should be available for pre-order later this year, with a proposed publication date of a year from today.

April 1, 2011

Tom Baker audio

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The blurb is still a draft, but here it is. I’m not sure where in the series this yet fits.

You can pre-order Big Finish’s  Tom Baker audio series here.

The White Bowl

by Peter Anghelides
Continenz: on the home world of the Z’dule outcast, the Doctor senses a huge movement in the bowels of the continuum. A mysterious realm in Space-Time known only as the White Bowl has appeared in the sky, its rim looming over the swirling waters of the doomed planet.

The leader of the Z’dule army doesn’t believe them, so Leela must battle a Major in Continenz to get the bottom of the mystery before spies Armitage and Shanks dispose of the evidence.

Who understands the secret work of the New Nisa Corporation? What is its relation to a small job in the English village of Bolding Vedas? And how will the Doctor cope with a long-hidden Gallifreyan artefact, the Touching Cloth, as it spirals through the Vortex?

Updated to add… my favourite comments received about this are

  • Rob Stradling: “It could form part of a ‘Five Faeces Of Doctor Who’ season.”
  • Steve Berry: “Sounds like distilled whippet shit to me.”

April 1, 2010


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OASIS DITA Technical Committee will today approve an interim renaming of the XML-DITA standard. “Following a successful court case brought by a fundamentalist religious group in the U.S.,” said Susan Denim of the committee, “we are obliged to accept a revision to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture nomenclature. We’ve been instructed that DITA cannot be said to have evolved in a Darwinian way. We’re frustrated, obviously, but the court ruling clearly directs us to accept that the standard is the product of intelligent design.”

“It’s obvious,” reported the plaintiff, a delighted Rev. Josie Watt-Ardeed. “XML is not an undirected series of actions, and therefore cannot uncouple itself from a creationist process. The entire terminology of the so-called XML-DITA points to a teleological argument for the existence of a central creator. I mean, it’s not called ‘single source’ for nothing. The whole Darwin thing is clearly a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution. And I’m not talking about a filetype:xml clause, do you know what I’m saying?”

Not all former-DITA specialists are so phlegmatic. An unnamed high-placed IBMer wrote on a personal blog: “This wasn’t the kind of constraint I was expecting. This ruling tears apart my whole conceptual data model. If you ask me, the output is PDF — Pretty D*mn Foolish.” He was subsequently obliged to withdraw this remark for the use of an unresolved reference.

OASIS are now frantically drafting a workable alternative, expected to be published by the end of this year and formalised by 2015. The initial draft is “Architecture-proof Relationship Indication Language”, or “ApRIL (1st)“.

April 1st p.m. updated to add:  Check out some others on TechCrunch.

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