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December 20, 2013

Confessions of a planet killer

Filed under: Ancestor Cell,drwho,Novels,writing — Peter A @ 12:51 am

I blew up Gallifrey once. I freely confess it. Is there a statute of limitations? It was a long time ago – at the end of the last century, and Steve Cole was my accomplice. We were young. Well, younger. We got the Doctor to pull a lever that wiped out his own people to put an end to a terrible Time War. And then we documented our actions in a novel called The Ancestor Cell.

It’s a different story to the recent and wonderful TV episode The Day of the Doctor. But a recent Facebook discussion about the 50th Anniversary special reminded me that I hadn’t yet reblogged all the material about The Ancestor Cell that I published on my old website. So I’ve done that now. Thank you Jason Miller and Jon Blum for providing the nudge I needed.

There’s a main blog post, and then sundry other bits and pieces:

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