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February 9, 2012

Big Finish post

Filed under: Audios,Blake's 7,Counterfeit,drwho — Peter A @ 10:56 pm

Snow permitting, I shall be at the Big Finish 2 day this Saturday, February 11th, from 9:00 am.

The event is at Barking Abbey School in, Barking, Essex. There will be actors, directors, producers, musicians, artists, sound designers, novelists, script writers, editors, and lots of merchandise. And me, sitting behind a school desk, wondering how I managed to leave my homework on the bus and hoping the big boys won’t find me and flush my head down the toilet.

No, no, no. I must keep telling myself that such things do not happen to me whenever I go to school. It’s just a painful old memory. And after last year’s Big Finish Day, David Richardson has promised not to give me the porcelain rinse again.

So get in touch with Tenth Planet Events and arrange to come along for the day. See Tom Baker and Louise Jameson talk about the new Big Finish Fourth Doctor audios. Hear from Lisa Bowerman about the Benny Summerfield anniversary. Get Paul Darrow to sign your copy of my new Blake’s 7 audio “Counterfeit.” I might even sign it for you myself, once I’ve dried my hair.

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