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May 5, 2011

Earth & Beyond

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My short story “Bounty” was first published by BBC Worldwide on the audio tape Earth & Beyond in 1998, Number: ZBBC 2223, ISBN: 0-563-55890-3. It was subsequently republished on the Tales from the Tardis 2 CD-ROM (also BBC Worldwide) in 2004, ISBN: 0-563-52377-8.

The BBC liked my first novel, Kursaal, particularly the way that the Doctor interacted with his new companion, Samantha Jones. They invited me to pitch ideas for an audio story, which would be read by Paul McGann.

The story was to be unique to audio, and it was never planned for publication in book form. So I produced what I thought would be a compelling storyline, with plenty of action and dialogue for the Eighth Doctor. This was the first new adventure for the Eighth Doctor performed by Paul McGann after his appearance in the 1996 TV Movie. I also decided to make it Sam Jones’s debut adventure, as she had appeared only briefly in her introductory novel The Eight Doctors (by Terrance Dicks).

The original proposal to the BBC was for a 5,000-word story, but we eventually agreed that it should be 6,000 words. Several scenes were chopped completely to make the story pacier; in total, the script went through five drafts. The intro scene was rewritten to make it more punchy, too.

I was delighted with Paul McGann’s performance. It was great to hear him bring my words to life. And my favourite word in the whole story, because of the way McGann says it, is “sploop!” (Sad but true!) It was great to write the first original material for Paul McGann to perform as the Doctor after his debut in the TV Movie. The reviews seemed to share my enthusiasm.

The excerpt you can read here is from the early part of the story.

One of the other stories on the Earth & Beyond tape is “Dead Time” by Andrew Miller, later published in the BBC Books collection More Short Trips. Andrew’s story introduces the Gallifreyan Flowers of Remembrance, which make a startling reappearance in The Ancestor Cell.

Here’s the Blurb from the audio’s cover:




Seventeen-year-old Sam Jones’s first trip in the TARDIS is to the Seychelles in the present day – and involves a deadly encounter with alien bounty hunters. Can the Doctor stop them making Earth their battleground.

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