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May 1, 2011

Moving On: Reviews

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There are not many published reviews of Decalog 3: Consequences. Nevertheless, the reviewers in the newsstand press picked out “Moving On” as one of the highlights of the collection.

Similarly, there are few reviews on the online bookstores. On, Keith Fletcher from AB,Canada rated the collection 4/5: “‘Moving On’ is a great story […] and it ends in a surprise […]  All in all, this is a great book.”

Jill Sherwin (GallifreyOne reviews) said: “The stories that stood out to me were first, “Moving On” by Peter Anghelides, a modern-day Sarah Jane/K9 & Company story told in leaps and bounds of time… dark and actually quite as depressing as its title, a passage from the innocence of the time Sarah Jane shared with the Doctor(s) to life after him.”

Also on GallifreyOne, Lawrence Conquest observed: “a fun story and effective on its own terms”, but thought that the link to an element of the preceding story (one of the themes of the book) was “the one weak element […] a poor adversary.”

Sean Gaffney disagreed. On his own Happy Guy review page, he said: “Great Sarah… I loved the villain, and the bibliography is, of course, wonderful”. Despite also describing it as “really downbeat”, he rated it 8/10.

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