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April 1, 2011

Tom Baker audio

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The blurb is still a draft, but here it is. I’m not sure where in the series this yet fits.

You can pre-order Big Finish’s  Tom Baker audio series here.

The White Bowl

by Peter Anghelides
Continenz: on the home world of the Z’dule outcast, the Doctor senses a huge movement in the bowels of the continuum. A mysterious realm in Space-Time known only as the White Bowl has appeared in the sky, its rim looming over the swirling waters of the doomed planet.

The leader of the Z’dule army doesn’t believe them, so Leela must battle a Major in Continenz to get the bottom of the mystery before spies Armitage and Shanks dispose of the evidence.

Who understands the secret work of the New Nisa Corporation? What is its relation to a small job in the English village of Bolding Vedas? And how will the Doctor cope with a long-hidden Gallifreyan artefact, the Touching Cloth, as it spirals through the Vortex?

Updated to add… my favourite comments received about this are

  • Rob Stradling: “It could form part of a ‘Five Faeces Of Doctor Who’ season.”
  • Steve Berry: “Sounds like distilled whippet shit to me.”

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