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July 30, 2010

Four Doctors

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The Four DoctorsThe Big Finish news pages have revealed that I have written the Christmas release for their main Doctor Who audios range. I wrote it some time ago, but they’ve only just made the info public.

It features the four main Doctors in the Big Finish range — Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann. I’ve written audios for two of them in the past: I wrote “Bounty” for the  BBC audio book Earth & Beyond, which was Paul McGann’s first new story after the TV Movie; and The Chaos Pool was my conclusion of the Big Finish Key 2 Time trilogy, starring Peter Davison.

It was great fun to script this special set of episodes, which also (hurrah!) gave me a chance to do something exciting with the Daleks, too. The episodes are available exclusively to people who take out a subscription to Big Finish’s splendid monthly series of audio adventures.

I suppose I have now created adventures for eight of the eleven Doctors to date, if you count short story collections (second and third Doctors) and audio (tenth Doctor). If you’re counting on your fingers, you’ll realise that tots up to seven… I haven’t mentioned one of the remaining Doctors, because I only just signed the contract for that, and so an official announcement is still to come.

Another LifeIn other news, my two Torchwood novels are now available for the Kindle. This is very prompt, because I only signed the contract for that very recently.

Check out Another Life and Pack Animals at Amazon’s Kindle Store, from where you can get them “auto delivered wirelessly”. How can you resist?

As Random House (the latest owners of the BBC Books imprint) still have the rights to publish my previous Doctor Who novels, perhaps they will also recognise that they have a back catalogue of material that they could release as eBooks — and not just my novels, either, but lots of others that are either out of print or hard to obtain these days.

I suppose that will depend on whether they not only have the publishing rights but also the original text or print files.

But I think know someone who can help them with that if they really need it.


  1. Oh brilliant! I do hope they bring out all those old titles. But I remember the horror we had scanning the old Virgin books in for the Who site. Text recognition couldn’t tell the difference between “rn” and “m”. One character was bummed to death. Not even Ben Aaronovitch managed that

    Comment by James Goss — July 30, 2010 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

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