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May 24, 2009


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Nadine Dorries MP blogged about her experience of being interrogated by e-mail, and the possible motivations of the newspaper’s owner. She said that “the Daily Telegraph has rang Central office and asked them to ask me to remove my blog and not to mention the contents of my blog on air”.

Fortunately, you can still find the missing blog in Google cache here: I found her entries for May 22nd, May 16th, and May 15th the most interesting.

Meanwhile, that bastion of reliability the Mail on Sunday has news today about whistleblower (and Tory fundraiser, according to The Independent) John Wick who sold the disclosure of MPs’ expenses claims because he was “motivated by a sense of public duty”. It appears that he also “left a trail of bad debts from a succession of failed businesses” and may therefore have “badly needed the reputed £100,000 he was paid for the Commons expense claims”. More private finance than public duty? For all I know, the Telegraph still considers such matters “a distraction”.

So apart from not wanting to discuss the motivations of their tax exile owners, or discuss whether they paid for the procurement of this information, or being unwilling to allow one of the MPs to explain in more detail on her own blog, the Telegraph clearly has nothing to hide.

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  1. You should have heard the howls of laughter in my house when Dorries complained that the press only gave her five hours to formulate a statement. I frequently have to put a statement together in forty minutes, often investigating the facts behind the story because it’s the first we know of it. And often the statement is not included anyway.

    So do I have sympathy for someone for being treated by the press in the same way that civil servants are routinely treated? And over something that she must have known was coming? Not really, no.

    Besides, every fule kno you email the statement to the press so you don’t get into conversations where they try to press you for ‘off the record’ comments and you have a record of what you said.

    Comment by Mags — May 24, 2009 @ 3:04 pm | Reply

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