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March 3, 2009

Improving views

Filed under: IBM — Peter A @ 12:04 am

office11With my new job I have a new office. The view has improved. Now when I look out of my window, I can see a rather splendid view across  the grounds of Hursley Park from my vantage point in the House. Previously, I had a less-than-splendid view across an open-tread stairwell in A Block. The old office was newer and better-appointed than my new home, but opposite me was the lift and the loos.newoffice1

When I was working at my desk, I might spot some movement in the corner of my eye. I had to resist the instinct to look up and see what it was. Because that inevitably would give the unfortunate impression that I was keeping track of everyone who was using the lift. Or the toilets. It could have been worse, I suppose. I could have been holding a stopwatch.

Now I could use binoculars every morning to track activity from the House as far as the site boundary, and no-one would notice. But I promise not to. Besides, no-one in my new department looks out of the window in the morning. Because that would give us nothing to do in the afternoon.

You can look around the site for yourself with this handy Explore Hursley web page.

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