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February 22, 2009

iPhone app

Filed under: home page — Peter A @ 10:32 pm

WordPress has an iPhone app, which seems straightforward enough. It would be nicer if it enabled photo posting, as Twitter apps like Tweetie do.

Or perhaps I should be looking for Tweetie et al. to enable blog posting, and to supersede this WordPress app?

Updated: so I have found the photo-posting. Still pondering how to handle the other stuff — allow/disallow comments, for example — without coming back and editing the post in a web browser. Too fiddly to do that in Safari on the iPhone itself (and defeats the point of the WordPress app). May repay further investigation.

I can’t see I’ll make extensive use of the iPhone for this kind of thing, any more than I can faff around with the outpost Galifrey Forum with it, until there’s an easier way of creating rich text for publication. Not all the bells’n’whistles, I suppose… maybe I mean richer text. (Guess where I typed this addendum to the blog post? Yes, through the conventional web interface.)

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